Rates & Services

Signature body to body sensual massage

Our massage service is very high end and caters to men, women and couples. Each session includes a fully nude sensual mixed with therapeutic massage, on our custom built luxurious sensual massage tables with glory hole and mirror underneath for viewing pleasure. Once you are in the room your session will begin with a shower that you can take in the comfort of your room, after your shower you will receive a completely nude sensual massage, both yourself and the lady are completely nude, front and back body slides as well as our famous signature reverse body slide while you are facing up, light touching of the ladies body, hand relief and hot towel wipe down, with a nice hot shower to end your session.

Session times available

20mins $120

30mins $150

45mins $180

60mins $200

75mins $260

90mins $320

120mins $390

30mins double-2 girls and yourself $280

45mins double-2 girls and yourself $340

60mins double-2 girls and yourself $380

90mins double-2 girls and yourself: $600



This package allows you to gently finger and stimulate the ladies intimate area.

$200 for 30mins/$230 for 45mins/$250 for 60mins/$380 for 90mins/$440 for 2 hours



Massage with cuddling, French kissing, intimate touching and covered blowjob to finish

30mins $300, 45mins $330, 60mins $350, 90mins $490, 120mins $680



Sensual massage with
covered blowjob finish

$210 for 30mins/$240 for 45mins/$260 for 60mins/$400 for 90mins/$450 for 2 hours



This style of massage is really taking things to another level. Nuru massage is a very intimate, erotic and slippery affair. With our customised tables you will have the ultimate Nuru experience. During a Nuru session the ladies will use their entire body to massage and slide all over you resulting in much more physical contact and greater stimulation of all your senses. The gel is derived from the brown seaweed plant and is 100% natural, edible clear in colour, odourless and washes off in the shower with ease

$180 for 30mins/$210 for 45mins/$230 for 60mins/$370 for 90mins/$420 for 2 hours



Your lady will shower with you from the beginning of your session for as long as you like. She can lather you up with soap while sensually massaging you bringing you to climax in the shower before heading back to the massage table for a massage.

$170 for 30mins/$200 for 45mins/$220 for 60mins/$360 for 90mins/$430 for 2 hours



Most women fantasise about seeing their man with another woman and men enjoy the presence of two naked women…even more so when they are pleasuring one another. Imagine bringing that fantasy to reality in a controlled, sophisticated and clean environment. Your session will start by taking a shower in our couples shower room, and then move into the spa bath with a beverage of your choice. When you are ready you can head to the massage table which is in the same room. Your masseuse will give you a mix of therapeutic and sensual massage, with lots of intimate body slides, light gentle caresses to arouse all your senses and a climax for both.

Be fully pampered by your masseuse and let her give you your finish, or you can finish yourself, opt for an extra service from the ladies as an alternative ending, enjoy an exciting experience and get intimate with your partner while you masseuse fondles you and watches you both…or you can ask your masseuse to leave…let your imagination guide your desires and our ladies will happily accommodate.

The session will end with a hot towel wipe down, cold refreshment and a warm shower with your partner.

Each couples session is very unique and tailored to your needs and desires. Please speak with our ladies at the start of the session to determine any special requirements, fantasies etc

Please note – for all couples massages you must advise at the time of making your booking what beverage each of you would like and if you would like to have a spa.

Couple and 2 masseuses:
$310 for 30mins/$360 for 45mins/$420 for 60mins/$620 for 90mins/$790 for 2 hours

Couple and 2 masseuses with Mutual Touch:
$460 for 45mins/$520 for 60mins/$720 for 90mins/$890 for 2 hours

Couple + 1 masseuse:
$250 for 30mins /  $320 for 60mins / $400 for 90mins

Couple + 1 masseuse with Mutual Touch:
$350 for 30mins /  $380 for 60mins / $600 for 90mins



The ladies will perform a bit of a show for you which includes them French kissing, massaging and pleasuring each other with their body and hands.
Any additional extras are not included and are to be discussed with the ladies during your session

$360 for 30 mins / $420 for 45mins / $460 for 60mins



This package includes the 2 ladies of your choice getting very intimate with each other during your session. They will French kiss each other, intimately touch and massage each other as well as yourself and stimulate each other with their hands and mouth. Please be sure to respect the ladies boundaries. Any additional extras are not included and are to be discussed with the ladies during your session

$440 for 30mins / $500 for 45mins / $540 for 60mins / $860 for 90mins

Other Extras

Some of our ladies like to spice up their session with you, so please note that while reception will always endeavour to point you in the right direction and help you choose which lady will best suit your needs, extras are always at the ladies discretion so please discuss with them directly in the room

Alternatively you are welcome and we encourage you to come in and meet the ladies, talk to them about your extra desires and then decide who to book with.
We so also have some packages available that some of the ladies will offer.

Some of the most popular extra services range within the below price guideline.

  • French Kissing – the nature of this extra is very intimate so please ensure you have good oral hygiene or the lady may refuse this extra with you in the room + $30-$70
  • COB – Cum on body or breasts + $0-$20
  • Prostate massage and anal play + $20-40
  • Covered Blowjob + $50-$80
  • Oral on girl + $50-$100
  • Golden shower + $20-$40 this is to be done in the shower only
  • Bi show with 2 masseuses kissing and touching each other +$100
  • Intimate Bi show with 2 masseuses kissing, fingering and going down on one another while you watch + $160
  • Light B&D +$30-$70 this includes tying up, cock & ball torture, spitting, nipple biting, humiliation etc.
  • Spa room + $50

Some of these services are very intimate so please come to your session well-groomed, be respectful and gentle or you may be refused certain extras in the room.

Please note: Extras services are always at the ladies discretion and are not included in the massage price. Bring extra cash with yourself and discuss your desires with the lady in the room.

Although some ladies are happy to offer some extras, we are not a full service establishment and do not offer Full Service/Sex so please do not ask our ladies.